Advisory Committee

The Virtual Visiting Professor Advisory Committee is a growing group of international scholars and theological education leaders who guide the project in meeting its goals of highlighting the best scholarship from around the world and making the work of these scholars accessible to theological schools and students globally.


  1. Andrew Harper – Methodist Church of Great Britain
  2. David Field – Director, European UM E-Academy

AFRICA – African Association of UM Theological Schools

  1. Rowanne Marie – President, Seth Mokitimi Methodist Seminary in South Africa
  2. Sidney A Cooper – Dean, College of Theology and Management Church Training, Sierra Leone


  1. Florita Miranda – President, Wesleyan Methodist College, Manila
  2. Dr. Connie Seony Meua – Union Theological Seminary, Philippines
  3. Dr. Cristina H Manabat – President, Harris Memorial College
  4. Dr. Chong, Siaw Fung – Principal, Seminari Theology Malaysia


  1. David W. Scott – Resident Theologian, General Board of Global Ministries
  2. Stan Copeland – Sr. Pastor of Lover’s Lane UMM
  3. Blair Thompson – Texas Methodist Foundation
  4. Jim Bankston – Executive Board, Perkins School of Theology
  5. Kalaba Chali – Mercy and Justice Coordinator, Great Plains Conference